Just because it’s now summer doesn’t mean you no longer have to worry about pesky pests getting into and infesting your house. You pretty much have to be mindful of your surroundings at all times when it comes to rodents. This is largely due to the fact that your house is a veritable magnet to all things critters. Food, warmth, insulation (which… is technically food to them) and a safe place to stay are all extremely alluring to them. Sorry, Charlie. There’s still hope, though! There are a number of things you can do to ensure your house is free and clear of rodents or potential infestation.

Check Your Insulation

Call the pros and get an assessment of your home’s insulation. If you’re new in your current house, this will have been covered before moving in. But if it’s been a few years (and you notice your home having to work harder to heat and cool itself) then it’s time to look inside. Like, actually look inside those walls and check the state of your insulation. It’s also a worthy investment in turning your home green. Hemp and other eco-friendly types of insulation are usually unappetizing to rodents who typically feed on or nest in it, while also offering up quality insulation that can lead to lowering your electric bills.

Check And Patch Holes And Openings

Any gap between your housing structure is free game to all sorts of animals, including but not limited to mice, birds, and roaches. Any time you’re out gardening, do a check around to see where you might have a chink in your armor. Keep rubbish and debris away from the foundation of your house. Though they’re just leaves, they mask holes as well as provide cover for any critter that tries to scurry on into your home.

Clean, Store And Organize Properly

Food attracts pretty much everything. Everything. Like, come one now. How often are you in your kitchen staring at the options in the fridge? Storing your food properly is key to keeping bugs and animals out of your house. Ditch open plastic bags or cardboard boxes in favor of air-tight containers like mason jars. These also help reduce clutter on your pantry shelves and give the feeling of having extra space.

Food and insulation aren’t the only things they’re munching on, though. Cardboard (see above) is also quite appetizing to roaches. Whether your storage is attic or basement, get rid of all the cardboard boxes and favor plastic containers for everything from holiday decorations to childhood keepsakes. Lids – preferably ones that lock – are a must, as well. Similar to the jars in your pantry, these sturdier storage bins also reduce the clutter and chaos, bringing a uniform and structured look to your storage rooms.

Lastly, stay clean. Keep food out and about. It’s rule number one to keeping a tidy home; never go to bed with dishes in the sink. While that’s not always possible (you lead a busy life, we get it) you should at the very least put all food leftovers either back in the fridge/pantry or in the trash can. That also has a lid that closes tightly. It may feel laboursome at times, but it’s so much better than having to deal with an infestation of any sort. Now go out and conquer that rodent world!