It’s common knowledge that the attic – that is maybe used as an extra play space/loft, but most likely packed with the junk you can’t bring yourself to throw away – is very susceptible to infestations. With nothing but insulation and undisturbed boxes of clothes, toys, and other random things, it’s not wonder rodents and critters are attracted to these mostly abandoned spaces. But what exactly is up there? These are the most common attic infestations.

The Scrappy Scurrying Scoundrels

That should totally be a band name, one, and two, it’s a very accurate encompassing of the types of mammals found in attics. Raccoons, Rats, Mice, and some Squirrels love a good empty attic. What’s not to love? Controlled temperature and no one bothers you. And with just a quick trip to rummage around in the garbage, they’re eating like kings! Most of these guys simply crawl through holes in your walls or eaves or through vent openings, being able to fit through even small spaces. They’re all crafty and good at what they do. Rats and mice will chew through your insulation, too, costing you money in heating and cooling bills. You can insulate with materials that aren’t appetizing to rodents. But mostly keep an eye on your home and it’s structural state. Most mice and rats can be caught with traps (even non-toxic, humane traps). But please call animal control or other pest professionals to handle your raccoon moment.

Friends That Fly

Friends is a strong word. But bats and birds will find their way into your attic and nest. A bird will literally nest in the eaves of your roof. The big brown bat can crawl through a space as small as a half-inch. Yikes! Once they’re inside, they crawl faaaaaar up into the reaches of your home and set up their own personal little Bat Cave. Now, while everyone wants their own Bat Cave, it’s not that kind of bat cave. Sure, birds are mostly innocuous, the droppings they leave behind in your attic are magnets to other types of infestations that aren’t so innocent. So if you notice birds coming and going to your home, or frequently hear the sounds of chirping, get it checked out and managed before it leads to larger problems. Bats are protected by many state governments, so consult a professional to get you out of your bat or bird bind.

The Icky, Creepy, Buzzy, Stingy, Crawly Things

We really did save the best for last. We honestly only need to say the word bug and it’s enough to make most people crawl out of their skin. Now put that word with infestation. The stuff of nightmares. Yes, attics and roofs are vulnerable to everything from wood eating termites, cloth eating moths, and paper or cardboard eating cockroaches and silverfish. Stinging Insect Infestations (another excellent band name) are particularly dangerous as these creeps have actual piercing weapons attached to their bodies. If you notice wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, or bees anywhere near your home, don’t be one of those YouTube idiots with a stick who thinks he’s “special” and going to succeed where all the millions of other Dummies with sticks failed. Just grab your phone, make a call, and let the pros handle the job.