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How You Can Keep Your Attic Rodent Free

One of the top nightmare and ewww-inducing scenarios for a homeowner is the realization that there are rats in our homes! Even though most of the time they reside within the attic, and that can provide an “out of sight, out of mind” false sense of security, the reality is that it’s still a big problem you should take care of and avoid for the safety of your health and property. Rats can carry dangerous diseases and cause damage to your home and whatever you have stored in the space.  While it’s best to have a professional come to...

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Air Quality And Your Attic

You know proper ventilation is important to air quality, temperature control, and the general health of your house. But did you know that it’s equally important to monitor the ventilation of your attic? Yes, indeed. It’s best to be proactive about your attic’s ventilation. Rather than never give your attic a moment’s thought and find yourself with mounting structural problems down the road, take the first step and assess then address the ventilation of your attic. Lack Of Proper Ventilation Leads To Problems. That’s the easy answer. When there isn’t any air flow in your attic a few things...

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Save Money And Energy With These Home Hacks

Home improvement isn’t just limited to renovations and paint jobs. Oh no. Powering and maintaining our homes deserve as much thought and attention as the cosmetics. Not only do these upgrades improve the way in which our house operates, but it can also enhance overall quality of life, bring down the monthly overhead, and drastically reduce its carbon footprint. While projects such as solar panels, geothermal HVAC, or energy efficient window replacements are certainly worthy candidates, they cost a pretty penny. As you research which investment will be best for you and your family, consider implementing some of these...

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Natural, Non-Toxic Pest Control Solutions

To live a life fully without any problems from pests and the infestations they incur is nearly impossible. The truth is, most of these tiny little critters are all around us all the time, even if we don’t see them. When you do find new house guests it can be a real downer. Not only do you now have to worry about the fact that you have a pest problem, but you’ve got to figure out the best, safest way to get rid of them. Safety becomes an even larger concern when you have small children around the house....

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Improving Your Attic Storage

The attic is the oft forgot portion of the home that gets visited maybe once a year when you haul out your holiday decorations. But whether you have plans to convert it into a livable space, or you just decided to renew the insulation and give it a little love, organizing and properly storing things in your attic makes a big difference. We’re here to help make the most out of your storage space with these tricks and tips.  First Thing’s First: Declutter Hoo, boy. It’s pretty common knowledge that in order to stay tidy you must get organized....

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