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Types of Attic Infestation

It’s common knowledge that the attic – that is maybe used as an extra play space/loft, but most likely packed with the junk you can’t bring yourself to throw away – is very susceptible to infestations. With nothing but insulation and undisturbed boxes of clothes, toys, and other random things, it’s not wonder rodents and critters are attracted to these mostly abandoned spaces. But what exactly is up there? These are the most common attic infestations. The Scrappy Scurrying Scoundrels That should totally be a band name, one, and two, it’s a very accurate encompassing of the types of...

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Invasion Of The Attic Pets!

Pets. That’s a nice way of putting it. Rodents and critters somehow always find their way into our home, specifically the attic. Whether it’s termites, roaches, or rats, these pesky friends can infiltrate nearly any home at any time and they don’t know when to tell their welcome is up. You might wonder, How do they get up there? What can I do to stop them? We’re glad you asked. Termites Any home with wood in its frame is susceptible to termite damage. Those mites love to take a bite out of some nice, pulpy wood. Termites crave dark...

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Here Comes the Hemp

Here Comes the Hemp At the end of 2018 legislation was passed to get rid of restrictions on farmers for growing hemp. Essentially, hemp is now legal in the United States. It couldn’t come at a better time either. Farmers are facing inclimate weather patterns and difficulties in selling crops in the midst of the China trade war. On top of the benefit to the agriculture industry, hemp is a renewable resource that has stood the test of time, offers a significant reduction in our carbon footprint, and can be used in almost every industry, including home and attic...

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Making Sense of the Chaos; Properly Storing Holiday Decorations

Well, they’re here today and gone tomorrow and still the world goes on the same. It seems like only yesterday you were hauling all those boxes down from the attic and dusting off your most precious and beloved holiday decorations. But before you know it, it’ll be time to take them all down and put them back into storage. But trying to get it all to fit in your attic can seem like a daunting challenge, you’re probably not even sure you can get it all back the way it was. Perhaps your storing system is a little outdated...

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What’s Up There…?

What’s Up There…? Ah, the attic. The muggle version of the Room of Requirement. Home to many a holiday and childhood past, this lofty room first and foremost houses the insulation. It can also, rather unfortunately, house another unwanted guest: rodents. So how do you arm your attic so that it can function properly in its heat retaining job while also making the space uninhabitable for rodents and other critters? Well, let’s weigh a few things. What Type Of Insulation Do I Even Need? Insulation, as we all know, helps contain heat inside a house during those cold, blustery...

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